Thursday, November 15, 2012

Also, Monday November 12, 2012

Sent From Brother Wright:

He's doing great! Took them golfing today :)

Monday November 12, 2012

This last storm didn't affect us personally.  It knocked down a few trees though and this last saturday we helped cut up part of a MASSIVE Black Oak.  This coming saturday we'll be cutting up the rest of it and starting on another Black Oak and a White Oak.  Good burning wood from what I've been told.

We had an awesome week this week.  The Lord blessed us with four new investigators.  Chrissy and her two sons Thomas (11) and Christopher (9).  She also has two daughters Brook and Alyssa who are of Baptismal age that we wish to start teaching soon.

We knocked into Chrissy early in the transfer and never made it back to see her.  The night we met her was homecoming night and she was busy getting the oldest daughter ready for the dance so we just left it at that.  When we went back we taught them the Restoration and talked about Joseph Smith being a Prophet.  After sharing James 1:5 with them, Thomas told us exactly what it meant.  He's 11!  That was totally awesome.  Then we shared the First Vision.  He said, "If its true.  Then God still speaks.  And I want to know.  Can it happen again?"  It was amazing to hear him ask that question.  His mind and heart are open to the gospel and the Holy Ghost.  Here's the kicker.  We asked how they thought it would feel if the Holy Ghost answered their prayers.  Thomas and Christopher described perfectly the promptings of the Holy Ghost without any help from us or their mother.

They were a total blessing from the Lord.

The next one is Chris.  He's 19.  Chris is the grandson of a couple of members.  He hasn't been active in a church for several years.  Church kept getting forced upon him and he just pushed back and turned away from it completely.  He came to church sunday.  One of our speakers was a young man who leaves wednesday morning to go to the MTC.  He talked about repentance and striving to change.  Chris thought about how he though it was too late for him, but then he heard that repentance is possible.  He wants to change his life.  He's on date for baptism now.  Another great blessing.

I don't speak a lot in church actually.  I've only had to give one talk since coming out and that was in Hagerstown.  It was on caring for the poor and needy.  I've born a lot of testimonies though.  I love bearing my testimony.  I want you to bear your testimony this coming fast sunday.  I'll do it too.  It'll be cool.  Dad.  You bear yours also.  Oh hey.  Why doesn't everyone who reads this post to the blog bear their testimony.  It'll be fun.

I miss Grandpa too.  I want to go to the cemetery when I get home so that I can see it.  him and Jay.  The Lord was ready for them both to be on the other side.  I think I've felt Grandpa comforting and strengthening me from time to time.  He took care of me there and he's taking care of me here.

I have a testimony of Obedience.  This week our blessings came only because we were being exactly obedient.  The credit for any accomplishment like this isn't ours.  Its the Lords.  Its his world.  Its his work.  Its his credit.  I know that Christ is the ultimate example of obedience.  Knowing that his mission was to atone for the sins of the world, he didn't shrink when he drunk from the bitter cup.  He submitted fully to laws of his father.  I testify that he is the savior.  This I bear in the name of him.  Even the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Christofferson

"Feed my sheep..."

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday November 5, 2012

There actually wasn't a lot of damage from Hurricane Sandy.  A couple of roads flooded and some trees knocked down, but nothing too serious.

We only got rain.
I'm not sure what the temperature was.  We weren't that cold.  We turned the heater on and warmed up the apartment in the case that the power knocked it out in the night.
The sun is shining now, but its cooling down.  I wish it wasn't.
There hasn't been much service we can render.  We're cutting up some trees on saturday though.
There isn't much you can do to help except continue praying for the recovery of those that got it the worst in Jersey and New York.

I love hearing conversion stories.  I've heard a lot while I've been out here.  They're so cool.  I think the best one I've heard has been Koko's.  I'll have to tell you that one when I get home, because its a long one.

By the way.  My old Mission President.  President Belliston is now in the Boise Idaho Temple Presidency.  I was doing back flips when I found out.  Okay.  Not really.  I probably would have landed on my head and come home with a spinal injury.

This week wasn't a very eventful week for us because of the Hurricane.  We mostly followed up with people about how they were doing.

I met a lady who isn't an active member of the church anymore.  She told us about her conversion and callings in the church.  Shortly after she joined she received a Stake calling and held one till she became a counselor in the Ward Primary Presidency.  We heard her testimony and about the way she used to prepare to teach.  The spirit was so strong as we sat there and listened.  She told us that when she moved into the area she was headed to church for the third or fourth time and pulled into the parking lot and then said to herself, "What're you doing?  Why are you even here?  Just leave."  She then made a decision that has changed her life.  She drove out of the parking lot and told herself that she was never going to return to church.  Since that day she's never set foot in any church anywhere in the world.  It was rough.  I knew exactly the way that I would address that thought with a less active member of the church.  I knew exactly what to say to her.  But I couldn't say it.  I just couldn't do anything.  My companion, the Branch President, and I walked out of that house feeling defeated.

As I reflected on that experience I realized that I can't worry about those who have or claim to have a testimony of the church.  I knew that applying what I've come to learn spirit to spirit is the most important.  Partaking of the sacrament, reading my scriptures, praying to my heavenly father, keeping the commandments of God.  I believe that strengthening myself first will bring about the ability to strengthen others around me.  But looking to solve everyone else's problems or what I think are their problems wont do any good at all.

I sincerely know that Jesus of Nazareth is the Savior of the world.  He is the light of the world as he so declared two thousand years ago.  I've read and listened to the words and I believe them.  I've had testimony born to me by the spirit.  And as a result, it has become my testimony.  "When thou art converted, strengthen they brethren."  I testify of the scriptures.  That they're true.  I testify of Prophets.  That they live.  I testify of our Father in heaven.  That I love him.  I testify of families.  They are ordained of God.  I love mine dearly.  I bear this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

"Feed my sheep..."

Elder Christofferson

October 30, 2012 (late entry)

Hello from the forefront of Hurricane Sandy!  This is Elder Christofferson with your Hurricane update.  The Hurricane has ravaged the majority of the east coast and is currently moving north at a steady rate.  Those in the Northern Virginia are have been able to escape with surprisingly little damage to homes or people.  There are many who's homes lost trees and blocked driveways including a loss of power for brief periods of time, but still no recorded injuries to report.  Back to you!

Okay.  I'm done being an idiot.  I'm fine mom.  We were locked down in our apartment all day yesterday by order of President Richards, but like I said.  We're fine.  I sent you a few pictures.  Elder Dahl and I bored out of our wits and watching church video's on our church provided mini dvd player.  We never lost power to our place.  Today is freezing cold.  We finally had to wear suits since its so cold.  I took one of mine in to get it dry cleaned since it hasn't had it for months.

We're going to be doing a lot of service soon.  No doubt about that.  We've already been called to help out with a couple of downed trees in the coming days.  I'm not going to be able to email long since we have to get going soon.

I want to finish with my testimony though.  I know that the Lord works in everything.  That his will is brought to pass in every situation.  This hurricane brought many people closer together.  I just wish that the storm had hit in the summer so that I could have gone out in it.  I testify that Jesus Christ is our savior.  That he is our Master and our Teacher. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

"Feed my sheep..."

Elder Christofferson

Monday October 22, 2012 (late entry)

1.  My companion is a nice guy.  He's been out for 15 months.  He'll fly back to Nevada but then probably go off to college.  He wants to finish his masters is Engineering Management.

2. Yes. It is as Beautiful as you think it is.  We're going to try to go to Woodstock Towers and take a picture of the valley today.

Hello from Woodstock.  I love it here.  We've got a beautiful valley and good weather right now.  No we don't go trick or treating.  We don't even go out after 7 on Halloween night.  We find a members house and hang out with them while we hand out candy.

I can't wait for Klynton to get his mission call.  I want to know where he goes.  I might not see him before he leaves either.

If we were to sit there and think about how many things are commandment then we'd be shocked.  In D&C 42:14 it says  "And the Spirit shall be given unto you aby the prayer of faith; and if ye receive not the bSpirit ye shall not teach."  Shall is used in the Imperative form of the word.  Its not saying "If you don't have the spirit you might not teach" or "you won't teach well" or "Good luck you're on your own".  It says "If you don't have the Spirit, I FORBID you to teach.  You're not allowed to teach.  Don't you dare do it!"  Commandment.  Elder Holland taught that to the missionaries a few years ago and Its a lesson that will never change.

We taught a man this last week named Hal Sharp.  Hal is a historian.  Civil War.  He's also Lutheran.  A few years ago Hal told his congregation (While he was the President) "I don't think Jesus is in this church, so neither am I." and never went back.  Missionaries met Hal and his wife a couple months ago doing service.  After a couple more service opportunities they agreed to talk with us about the church.  So we did.  Hal ate up the Restoration.  We did service again on thursday.  We went to lunch and had a chance to talk about parts of the Plan of Salvation.  He acted as if it was what he was looking for all along.

I saw the spirit work in his heart and open his mind to the fullness of the gospel.  I saw the Restoration bless him with hope and faith that maybe there is more out there.  It was amazing to see it happen.

I have a testimony of Restored Truths.  That they are here.  I testify that God has not abandoned us to be on our own and in darkness or confusion.  I'm grateful for the gospel and the blessings that it brings.  If you have ever taken any of the challenges from the missionaries or the leaders of the church to heart and tried them you've gained an answer of the truth for yourselves.  If you say that you haven't then you didn't try hard enough.  Go back and do it again.  I testify that Jesus is the Christ.  He lives.  I do so in his name.  Even Jesus Christ.  Amen.

"Feed my sheep..."

Elder Christofferson

October 15, 2012 (late entry)

The news about the new missionary age has sparked a ton of people to action.  I hope it'll work out for all of them.  A young lady in our branch has decided to serve a mission.  She's terrified.  I think she started her papers yesterday.  It'll be good for her though.
Its been good to think about the things the general authorities have said this last conference.  If you haven't listened to any of it then you should.  Especially Elder Holland's talk.  I highly encourage it.
I bear testimony of the Savior.  That he lives.  That he's blessed us in so many ways that we can't number them, but we can sure try.  I know that he was born of humble circumstances and fulfilled the prophecies of the old testament times.  I know that he is my Redeemer.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
"Feed my sheep..."
Elder Christofferson

October 1, 2012 (late entry)

The leaves are starting to change here.  If I find out about you coming anywhere near Woodstock (Yes Woodstock.  I'm getting transferred this Wednesday.  Thats the one Branch with Brother Wright.  The author of the Christmas Jar.) 

 You know.  Its funny.  Since I came on my mission I've met a lot of people who think they're scary.  I still think that Dad, Molly, and Shidoshi are still the scariest people I've ever met in my life.  I at least know who they are and what they can do.  We had a 16 year old kid tell us last week, "Your church wouldn't want me!  I pack a 9 millimeter around!"  I pointed out to him that our church has baptized Military Snipers.  He got real quiet real fast. (True story)

No.  We didn't get to go to the temple.  President Richards requested that we try to find a community service project in Front Royal.  I hope I get to go before I come home also.  The District Leaders companion is the District Monkey.  It means I have double the responsibilities since he's taking care of half a million other things.

 I had a dream the other night that I got a call from the Church Office Building telling me that I'm going to be returning home and being trained to be Elder Bednar's secretary.  I woke up screaming.

I want to close with my testimony.  I've talked a lot about families this week.  I talked a lot about the sealing keys with many people and was able to bear at least in a small way about eternal families.  I do know that God wants us to all be together forever.  I know that those powers and keys have been restored through a Prophet.  I testify most of all of Jesus Christ.  That he lives.  I bear my testimony and knowledge of these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

"Feed my sheep..."

Elder Christofferson